On Tuesday, May 17, 2016, Nutmeg TU will hold its monthly meeting at 7 PM at Marissa’s Ristorante, 6540 Main St, Trumbull, CT, just South of where I-25 crosses Route 111.

The Farmington River, located Northern Connecticut is largely regarded as one of the state’s premier trout fisheries. This tail water holds an impressive number of fish. Recent estimates by the CTDEEP put the number of fish in the Trout Management Area at 1000 + per mile. This coupled with an annual stocking of up to 45,000 Brook, Brown, Rainbow, and Tiger trout results in an incredible fishery. The Farmington River is a tail water running from under the Colebrook River dam in Riverton and the Saville Dam in New Hartford, to the town of Windsor in upper Connecticut River, and is fed by the Barkhamstead Reservoir. This reservoir releases cold water year round and even in the summer months the water temperature rarely will rise above 70 degrees. This translates into an incredible survival rate of stocked fish and conditions that accommodate natural reproduction as well.

The ecosystem in and around the Farmington river is healthy. The aquatic insect biomass caters to very healthy population of fish and incredible hatches. The abundant food sources allow the fish to grow on average 6 ½ inches per year. Trout of 20 inches are common and fish up to 30 inches are caught every year. Size and number of big fish provides numerous angling opportunities not commonly available on other streams in the state such as “mousing.” However, as in many trout streams around the world nymphing is often the most productive way to fish and the Farmington is no exception. Tail waters such as the Farmington offer phenomenal nymphing opportunities.

            Torrey Collins has been fly fishing for 37 years and has fished the Farmington River extensively. Former Great Lakes Steelhead and salmon guide, Torrey has also guided on the Housatonic as well as the Farmington. He has worked for the Orvis flagship store in Manchester, tied flies commercially, and been a casting instructor. Torrey is well known as an incredible fly angler, specializing in nymphing tactics. His presentation will cover seasonal nymphing tactics and strategies. The focus will be on seasonal approaches for the Farmington river and cover fly selection, rigging, presentation, and technique. Come in and learn how to improve your sub-surface fishing and apply that to the Farmington as well as other streams in the state.

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