Fish the Mianus River TMA on a  joint trip organized by the Mianus and Nutmeg TU chapters.

The Mianus River, known for its black stonefly hatch in March, is the destination for a trip with Nutmeg and Mianus TU on Saturday, March 23. — Photo from river has recently been stocked and is known for its early black and brown stonefly hatches. The Mianus is a beautiful, intimate suburban stream and March is a great time to fish it as the park tends to get crowded after opening day and the weather gets warmer.   

When:  Saturday, March 23 at 10 AM. 

Where:  Meet at the red barn in Mianus River State Park. The barn is off Merriebrook Lane in Stamford.

Directions:  To get to the Mianus River Park, take Exit 33 off the Merritt Parkway South (Den Road). Take a left onto Bangall Road, and another left onto Westover Road, crossing over the parkway. Follow Westover Road for a decent distance until you see a sharp curve warning sign with flashing yellow lights. Merriebrook Lane is on the right just past the sign.

Take Merriebrook Lane down to the red barn (on right), where you can find parking in that lot, or closer to the bridge over the river. Across the bridge the road leads to private property, so no parking is allowed.

Parking is limited so please consider carpooling.

Regulations: Must have a 2019 CT Fishing License with Trout/Salmon Stamp. 

Since it is before opening day, you must fish in the Trout Management Area which runs upstream from the bridge (over Merriebrook Lane) all the way to the dam. There are well defined trails along both sides of the river, though the western trail offers the easiest access the full length of the TMA.

The Trout Management Area is a limited harvest section of the stream.  From September 1 through the third Saturday in April fishing, fishing is restricted to catch and release using artificial lures and single hooks.

General Information: suggests ( a fairly short rod, 8-foot in 3- or 4-weight as ideal.  My standard 8.5 foot 5-weight trout rod works just fine.  River is smallish so long casts are generally not needed.  Dark patterns tend to work best this time of year; good to have some small stonefly imitations.   

Water (and possibly weather) will be cold so please dress accordingly. 

Hope to see you there!! 

Nutmeg TU Contact:  Alex Ziemkiewicz or 203-209-6689.

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