Want To Go

The majority of members of Trout Unlimited are anglers, and Nutmeg is no exception. The chapter plans organized outings, and members themselves may post on this page to find fellow anglers to join them on impromptu outings in rivers near and far

Where to Go

Norwalk RiverThe amount of time Nutmeg TU members spent restoring and fishing streams in eastern Fairfield County has contributed to a vast compendium of local angling knowledge. Members share that information with the public through fishing reports and extensive maps that detail where to go, how to get there, where to park  and where to cast a fly.

Hatches & Tips

stoneflyThe first step toward catching trout on the fly is knowing what they’re eating, and that changes by the season, day, even by the minute. To be successful an angler must know what insects are hatching, which translates to what trout are eating. Let Nutmeg TU take the mystery out of matching the hatch.

Favorite Flies

Once you know what the trout are eating, you’ll need to cast a fly that closely simulates the meal du jour. Nutmeg TU members share their favorite flies based on season, stream, time of day and water conditions, and even explain how to tie some of your own.


Nutmeg chapter Trout Unlimited is particularly grateful to Ron Merly for allowing the use of his Flyfisher’s Guide to Connecticut, on which most of the “Where to Go” section is based.