Have a tie that gives you trouble, or that you want to see demonstrated? Eric Peterson will demonstrate the flies you choose when Nutmeg TU meets Tuesday, May 21, at Port 5, 69 Brewster St., Bridgeport,

Eric, who has a long association with Trout Unlimited, has begun doing demonstrations before Nutmeg TU meetings. For May, he’ll take your suggestions and show how it’s done. To suggest a fly, comment on this post.

We’ll also welcome Jimmy O, who will demonstrate some salt water setups in anticipation for a fishing outing. Watch for details.

Tying demos begin at 6 p.m. Pizza is served around 6:45 p.m., and beverages can be purchased from Post 5. Regular meetings begin at 7 p.m.


    1. Nutmeg Trout
      April 27th

      This is where you would comment to suggest a fly for Eric to demonstrate.

    2. John
      April 27th

      I’d like to learn more about CDC and snowshoe hare feet: advantages and disadvantages, when to use them vs deer hair or dry fly hackle, how to use them when tying (underfur or guard hairs? Treatment before the flies are fished?)


      PS Otherwise, I’d also very interested in his saltwater fly patterns (perhaps best dealt with as a speaker.)

    3. John
      April 27th

      I’d appreciate him showing us some of the saltwater fly patterns he’s created.

      Another subject that interests me is learning how to tie with snowshoe hare feet: does one use the underfur or the guard hairs? Can one use the hair from the front of the foot, too? When would you tie with it, and when not – and how is it different from CDC and dry fly hackle?


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