Get Involved


Trout Unlimited members take an active, hands-on role in preserving and protecting cold water fisheries, as well as passing on the tradition of fly angling to a new generation. Membership has rewards in addition to being part of the community.



It costs money to accomplish all that TU does. Your donations to Nutmeg Chapter 217 go directly toward restoring and reviving area rivers, introducing local children to ecology and angling, and educating homeowners on ways to keep their lawns green while keeping rivers running clear.


With all TU does around the area, more hands can always make lighter work. Volunteers can help restore native species to riverbanks, lead a Trout in the Classroom program, coordinate scouting events, keep members informed on chapter activities and attract new anglers to the community.


Norwalk RiverRegular meetings offer a chance to get together with fellow fishermen and hear tips from guides, tyers and authors. Chamber members also get together for tying nights, fishing trips and seminars.



Keep up to date with Nutmeg Chapter 217 activities via the news section of Fishing and conservation news, as well as updates on chapter activities, can also be obtained via Facebook and Twitter, and members can sign up to get up-to-the-minute details about Nutmeg TU 217.