The Nutmeg Chapter is proud to announce that it is at the forefront on the historic restoration of sea-run brook trout to Connecticut waters. The Nutmeg and Mianus chapters have collaborated with T.U. National and the Sea-Run Brook Trout Coalition to  donate funds to get the ball rolling for the project, which will begin on Sunday, April 7.

Restoration will begin in Stonington, as there are three streams in close proximity that meet the criteria for restoration. Most of the streams in our area will not be conducive to restoration as they are dammed near the salt water. Salters will not climb fish ladders or fishways.

Volunteers are needed for the installation of data loggers on April 7. All Nutmeg members who can pitch is should meet where Anguilla Brook passes beneath Route 1 in North Stonington at 9 a.m.. TU will also deploy the loggers in Copps and Donahue Brook as well. Please join us.

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    1. Are non nutmegers, willing to work, invited. Tu members from RI might be interested.

    2. Thanks for your effort on bringing back a native. The “salter” has a place in my heart.

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