A few days ago the @EPA announced that it is yanking protections away from millions of miles of streams and millions of acres of wetlands. This is a historic rollback of Clean Water Act protections. The new rule is NOT based in science and is NOT consistent with the goals of the Clean Water Act. The new rollback will undermine long-standing protections for wetlands and small streams and it will harm hunting and fishing in America.
Unfortunately, in addition to this new rule, the EPA also proposes vastly undercutting state and tribal authority to protect coldwater resources. In issuing this proposal, the EPA rejects decades of administrative practice and directly defies numerous judicial interpretations, including at least two Supreme Court rulings.

TU’s website states: “it is no overstatement to say that we are facing one of the greatest threats to the Clean Water Act in its long and effective history.”

Take action at https://standup.tu.org/stand-up-for-clean-water/ and read more about it at https://www.tu.org/press-releases/epa-final-rule-unravels-clean-water-act-protections/

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