The Connecticut Department of Energy & Environmental Protection recently posted a primer on the trout and salmon stamp on its Facebook page.

A trout and salmon stamp is only REQUIRED TO FISH in a 1. Trout Management Area (these are rivers and streams not lakes), 2. in a Trout Park (mostly ponds and a couple streams) 3. in the Designated Broodstock Salmon Areas on the Nauatuck River and Shetucket River, and finally 4. any Wild Trout Management Area.

If you are fishing anywhere else then you only NEED to have a trout and salmon stamp if you want TO KEEP trout. It is not needed if you are releasing all of the trout you catch or if you accidentally catch a trout while fishing for something else. This applies to most of the waters the  stock.

Visit the DEEP FAQ page for more scenarios at…/pu…/Trout_Stamp_Information_and_FAQ.pdf

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