Nutmeg TU is looking for volunteers to help take veterans fishing.

National is launching TU’s Veterans Service Program, involving those who have served the country in conservation projects and fly fishing instruction.

Currently there is a program called Take a Vet Fishing at First Branford Congregational (, led primarily by Hammonasset TU volunteers. That meets quite a distance from Fairfield County; they have so many vets go there for winter fly tying and for warmer-season fishing that they have a constant need of volunteers.

On Thursday, Feb/ 21, from 10 a.m. to noon, voluuntters from the Farmington Valley Chapter of Trout Unlimited will be joined by volunteers from Candlewood Valley TU in the third floor conference room at the Newington Health Center of the Veterans Affairs, 555 Willard Ave.Newington, CT (860-666-6951). Anyone interested should contact Gian Morresi at 203-763-4015  or

Port 5 Naval Veterans, new home of Nutmeg TU meetings (see related story) takes blind veterans fishing once a year.



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