The Land and Water Conservation Fun (LWCF) is our country’s premier program to fund public access, fish and wildlife conservation and outdoor recreation. Public access and habitat conservation are critical to sustain hunting and fishing in America. LWCF supports these pillars of our sporting heritage and it is imperative that Congress provide full, dedicated funding for this vital program.

The public lands maintenance backlog has been mounting for decades and is now estimated at nearly $20 billion. This issue has created a host of problems that impair trout fisheries, including substandard roads that bleed sediment into streams and defective culverts that block fish migration. It is crucial that the National Park Service, Forest Service, BLM, and Fish and Wildlife Service all receive funding to tackle the growing maintenance backlog.

Trout Unlimited is asking members to contact their representatives in Congress to support the Great American Outdoors Act. Click here for a letter you can easily send.

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