Steve Culton of will discuss wet flies with Nutmeg TU on Tuesday, Nov. 19, at 7 p.m. at Port 5, 69 Brewster St., in the Black Rock section of Bridgeport.

Pizza is served, and beverages can be purchased through Port 5.

Wet flies have been taking trout for centuries — and the fish aren’t getting any smarter. More and more anglers are discovering that a wet fly is often the best way to match a hatch. Explore the wonders of the wet fly as we cover basics like wet fly types, leader construction, where to fish wet flies, and how to fish them.

Steve Culton is a Connecticut fly fishing guide and instructor, fly tyer, and freelance writer. His work has appeared in Field & Stream, American Angler, The Flyfish Journal, The Drake, Flyfishing & Tying JournalEastern Fly FishingFly Rod & Reel Online, and the Mid Atlantic Fly Fishing Guide. is a library for my articles, stories, fly tying, fishing reports, videos, my guide service The Fisherman LLC, and more.

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