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Nutmeg TU wants you

The summer is over and the fall stocking should begin soon, along with the fall migration of the Stripers, Blues and Albies. I can hardly wait.

The Nutmeg Board of Directors is working hard to put together a year of activities that will interest everyone. We had a fantastic turnout of 19 volunteers to anchor recycled Christmas trees in the Mill River along Congress Street. Stratford supplied the trees, Fairfield brought them to the location and TU, under, Jeff Yates’s guidance, got it done. Thanks to everyone who participated. It was great fun. Hopefully after a few floods, the embankment will start to rebuild as the sediment gets trapped in the tree branches.

Our chapter’s focus has been on monthly meetings, fishing trips and conservation.

Meetings – This season we plan to have speakers on salt water fishing, Tenkara, fishing in Alaska, local river tips, fishing safety and matching the hatch.

Trips – Let’s fish together. Join us on the LI Sound shore, the Saugatuck, the Farmington , the Mill, the Pequonnock and the Naugatuck rivers as we share fishing secrets of these wonderful fisheries.

Conservation – We will continue with our tradition of having a fall and spring river cleanup. We’ll continue our work on the Mill with some rock rolling in the winter, some tree planting in the spring, and another conifer revetment section next summer. We would like to introduce bug science to measure the progress we are making to the water quality of the Mill.

The more volunteers we get, the more we can accomplish, whether it’s more fishing, more conservation projects or more outreach.

We are currently seeking new board members who can help us in the areas of communications and fundraising. We are also looking for a treasurer.

Not everyone wants to be a board member but perhaps you want to lead a fishing trip, speak at a monthly meeting or lead a river cleanup. Just drop me a line; we welcome your involvement.

Looking forward to seeing you this season.

Rich Rosen