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Naugatuck salmon trip canceled

The salmon fishing trip and cleanup with Mianus TU scheduled for Saturday, Nov. 17, has been canceled due to the weather forecast and high flows.

Nutmeg barbeque canceled

The Nutmeg TU Barbeque scheduled for June 28 has been canceled.

The following letter is being emailed to members:

Hi TU Nutmeggers,

Because of low signup and because this was supposed to be our annual fund raiser, your Nutmeg board of directors, after giving this a lot of thought, has decided it’s best to cancel the barbecue. In scheduling this event, we tried to hit the sweet spot between end of school, youth athletic leagues, and summer vacations. Seems we missed, however, the board looks ahead to future ways for us all to share our common interests as Nutmeg Chapter members, and to raise funds in support of our monthly meetings, and our conservation and youth education missions.

The cancellation is disappointing to all of us, and at the same time your board of directors is already brainstorming possibilities for fun, free or inexpensive, local events to have, so we can connect with each other and celebrate what the Chapter’s accomplishing; for example what Nutmeg volunteers are doing with school kids in Trout in the Classroom, and our stream preservation efforts like our current work to rid the Mill River of invasive plants

And you’ll soon receive a very short survey asking for your opinions about our chapter’s local mission, and events, where we can come together, that you would like to see. — We need your good thinking!

So though our obligation to use Nutmeg Chapter funds prudently meant that canceling the barbecue was the right decision for now, it won’t slow us down! Look for that survey coming soon.

Thanks for now, and I hope to hear from you!
Best Regards,

Charles Petruccelli | President | Nutmeg Chapter Trout Unlimited