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Help Save The Mill River in Easton, CT – By Scott Garland, January 7, 2016 Connecticut Local Fishing News and By Ron Merly of Ron Merly’s Fishing Guide Services

The upper Mill River in Easton, Connecticut is one of the most significant wild trout streams in all of New England. It is exceptionally unique in its characteristic. There is nowhere else in all of New England where you can find a tailwater release Class 1 WTMA (Wild Trout Management Area, containing abundant wild trout and not stocked in more than 5 years) that runs for a few short miles and empties into almost 40 ft. deep thermal refuge. Connecticut Department of Energy & Environmental Protection (DEEP) has realized the streams significance and are in the process of changing the regulations from Rte. 59 down to Lake Mohegan to catch and release only, making the entire upper stretch of the stream from the Easton Reservoir all the way to Lake Mohegan one continuous WTMA.

Just below the reservoir is a 30 acre parcel of land that has been the subject of much debate over the years. The land is presently owned by the Town of Easton who bought the property to save it from a large scale development a few years back. Easton is now looking to recoup the money and allow a smaller scale development. The problem is that there is no city sewer in that area and all of the waste, run-off etc. from any development would need to go into the ground which will eventually pollute the river and kill off a population of brook trout that have thrived in that river since the last glacier.

Please show your support in helping keep the Mill River and the natural habitat that thrive in its’ waters by signing this petition and not allowing any type of development by the State of Connecticut or the Town of Easton.

How you can take become involved and take action:

  1. Follow this link http://www.fishingnortheast.net/connecticut-local-fishing-news/help-save-mill-river-in-easton-connecticut/ to sign the online petition and leave a comment.
  2. Email cfe@citizensforeaston.org to receive updates.
  3. Attend Board of Selectmen meetings (bi-monthy; agendas posted on Town of Easton website)

4. Write the Easton Selectmen: First Selectman Adam Dunsby, adunsby@eastonct.gov; Selectman Scott Centrella, carriecolangelo@optonline.net, Selectman Robert Lessler, rlessler@eastonct.gov and BCC cfe@citizensforeaston.org

Easton selectmen hear passionate pleas to save parcel

With five options on the table for what is to become of the former Running Brook Farm on South Park Avenue, the Board of Selectmen appears to be favoring selling the land to Sacred Heart University for athletic facilities, including a pool and tennis courts that residents could use, according to a story in The Easton Courier.

Prayer Center future debated

Easton Courier Photo

The future of the prayer center parcel on South Park Avenue in Easton, near the Mill River, will be the subject of multiple meetings this week.

Easton bought the former Running Brook Farm, a 29-acre property on South Park Avenue, in 2008 for $6.1 million.property after approval at referendum to protect it against dense housing development. It is zoned for three-acre single-family homes.

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Jewish Home wants to buy South Park site

Longtime Easton neighbor the Jewish Home for the Elderly in Fairfield is offering $6.1 million to the town for the former Running Brook Farm, a 29-acre property on South Park Avenue the town bought in 2008 for $6.1 million.

The idea calls for 260 units total, with 200 independent living apartments and a mix of assisted living and skilled nursing spaces. Ten percent of the rental apartments would be reserved for the affordable housing category and would count toward the town’s requirements to provide affordable housing, Banoff said.

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