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Hatchery, environmental group face axe

The budget proposed by Gov. Dannel P. Malloy would eliminate the Council for Environmental Quality, close the Kensington Hatchery and end the state’s pheasant stocking program.

The spending plan must still be approved by the state legislature.

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Fears budget could kill hatchery

There are fears Gov. Dannel P. Malloy’s budget for 2013-15 could spell the end of the Kensington Hatchery.

The forums on flyaddict.com include a discussion and links to the page in the proposed budget that details the cuts, including savings $150,000 toward closing the massive deficit by closing a hatchery. The Office of Fiscal Analysis, a nonpartisan advisory group, projects the deficit at $138.6 million, twice the Malloy administration’s projection of $64.4 million, according to the CT Mirror.

Page 3 of the forum on flyaddict.com includes names and contact info for members of the committee involved in the decision so fishermen can speak out before it’s too late.