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Chapter meeting, Tues, May 19, 2015, 7 PM, at Port 5, Bridgeport

Bill Closs will discuss his recent trip to Patagonia, Argentina, for our May meeting.

Bill Closs is a lifelong fly fisherman, with many fly fishing adventures and trips to all of the New England States, as well as, New York, Penn., Montana, Georgia, Florida, Alaska, Michigan, Quebec, Canada, Kamchatka, Russia, and Patagonia, Argentina, and Belize.  Trips to the Amazon and Mongolia are scheduled for 2016. Many of these trips have been made by private plane that he flies for business and pleasure.  Yes, he has even joined our Nutmeg TU group on our past outings to the Catskills.

He owns property 10 minutes from the Farmington River near Riverton, CT, and in Rangeley, Maine where he fly fishes extensively in both places.

The presentation on Patagonia is approx. 50 pictures of rafting, camping, and fishing the Alumine and Le Mas Rivers in Patagonia, Argentina.  The base camp lodge for the fishing group is also a working cattle ranch.

Bill Closs is a fellow angler and his presentation will consist of a brief review of pictures and commentary, and then he will be open to questions and discussion.

Bring your questions!  If you have ever wanted to fish outside of the US, this is an excellent opportunity to find out how you might accomplish this type of travel!

Closs 25 lb Salmon 2011


TU wants women

From March 1 to May 31, Trout Unlimited is reviving the offer to sign up women as new members at no cost. In addition, women renew for half price, at a special $17.50 rate, and the recruiting chapter will receive $15 of that $17.50 in the form of a special rebate.

Women interested in becoming new members of TU should click here.

Women who are currently members of TU who wish to renew should click here.

National TU is placing a special emphasis on the renewals since our goals include both adding more women to our ranks and engaging more women in TU’s leadership.

TU attracting female anglers

Trout Unlimited is offering a free introductory membership for female anglers.

For the next year, women who join will receive all the benefits of a paid membership:

•            1-year subscription to TROUT magazine

•            16-month TU calendar (mailed in the fall)

•            official TU membership card

•            car rental & hotel discounts

•            TU decal

•            Local chapter membership

And another, less tangible benefit: the pleasure of knowing you’re part of a growing community of women who enjoy angling and want to keep America’s rivers cold, clean and fishable.

This offer is available to new members only. Not applicable for existing members.

Click here to join.


TU offers free memberships for women

If you’re a female angler who has been waiting for a compelling reason to join Trout Unlimited—or if you just haven’t gotten around to it—here’s an offer you can’t pass up. In an attempt to build up its female community, TU is offering a free one-year membership.

The offer is open to new members only.

Click here for details