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Casting clinic, cleanup, celebration Saturday

Whether you can volunteer for an hour, the day, or just want to check out the events, join Nutmeg TU at the Pequonnock River Fest at Beardsley Park in Bridgeport on World Fish Migration Day, Saturday, April 21, from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. We just really want people to see the grounds, the fish ladder, the river and the environment we’re working on, and learn to cast and fish a little.


Nutmeg TU President Rich Rosen outlined events in a letter:

Hi all,

On Saturday April  21, Nutmeg Trout Unlimited and Beardsley Zoo are holding a Pequonnock River Festival in celebration of World Fish Migration Day.

Volunteers are needed to make this day a great success.

At 9:00 am we will meet at Beardsley Zoo’s Hanson Pavilion and fan out from there to start the cleanup. (Tree planters will be starting at 8:00). Hanson Pavilion is inside and to the right of Beardsley Zoo’s parking area.

Nutmeg TU activities include a Pequonnock River Cleanup, Nature Walk/Insect Discovery, Fly Casting Clinic and Fishing. The Zoo’s activities include Tree Planting, Fish Ladder Tours and a Birds of Prey Encounter.We need your help to volunteer. If we have enough volunteers we can add additional kid-friendly activities. If you can volunteer for the day, or part of it, please email me with your contact information and when you can volunteer.

Here is our World Fish Migration Day schedule of activities:

    • 8-10:30 a.m.: Tree Planting: Led by Zoo volunteers (CDC) & GroundWorks Bridgeport.
    • 9-10:30 a.m.: Pequonnock River clean-up: Led by Nutmeg TU
          • Beardsley Park (starting at the island and moving north).
    • 9:30 (or 10), 10:30, 11:30: Tours of Fish Ladder in small groups, led by the Zoo. 
    • 10:30-11:00 AM: Pequonnock River Nature Walk – led by TU
            • Includes Study of River Macroinvertebrates & how they relate to River Health & Fishing
            • (Macroinvertebrates are flatworms, crayfish, snails, clams and insects & more)
    • 11-11:15 AM: Birds of prey Animal Encounter – led by the Zoo.
    • 11:15-12 PM:
      • Fly Casting workshop (or straight to fishing for the experts) – led by TU.
      • Backyard Bass (CDC volunteers)
    • 12-1 PM: Fishing (fishing can continue after 1 but TU volunteers may leave) – led by TU.



If you are interested in volunteering please email me at rhrosen@aol.com and let me know which activity you want to help with.  We also need volunteers to tie some Wooly Buggers for the fishing session.  Wooly Buggers can be brought on the 21st or to our next chapter meeting on April 17th.

This is a day for fun and learning. Bring your spouses and kids and to celebrate and enjoy the Pequonnock River.


Rich Rosen


Nutmeg Trout Unlimited


Volunteer for the Mill River work session.

Phil Jacques and grandson helping at Cleanup.

Mill River Habitat Improvement Project

As a reminder this Saturday, June 20th, from 9:00 am until noon we will be working on controlling the Japanese knotweed on the Congress Street section of the Mill River in Fairfield, CT. Saturday weather prediction is perfect for this activity, sunny high of 75 F.  All ages of volunteers are invited to come out and support your chapter in this effort. If you are not a chapter member, you too are invited also.  For your own comfort wear long pants, long sleeve shirt, and sturdy shoes/boots; bring your work gloves. There is a lot of poison ivy indigenous on the site.

We will meet at the footbridge on Congress Street, in Fairfield, CT.  This is the border between Fairfield and Easton. Congress runs parallel to the Merritt Parkway.

Our chapter is in the 3rd year of controlling the knotweed, 2nd worst invasive in the U.S., at this location. We have treated the invasive with chemical for two years. This has resulted in reducing the amount of knotweed to a point that can managed through cutting.  Cutting should occur twice a year. Once in June to stress the knotweed’s rhizome and once in September before it flowers to stop seeding and to stress the rhizome.

This Saturday we will cut the knotweed with sickles for the June event.  This is actually quite a satisfying exercise.  This pernicious weed can sprout from the cuttings and there is no place that will take it. What we will do is wrap the cuttings in black plastic to contain the weed and  leave on site to die. Once dead it can be safely mulched.

Come out, volunteer, and enjoy the camaraderie of this volunteer effort. Bring a family member or friend. As I said above cutting down this stuff is fun.

See you on Saturday!

Charles Petruccelli | President | Nutmeg Chapter Trout Unlimited

Contact Chuck Petrucelli at chuckp@optonline.net for details and RSVP.