Hello TU Nutmegers:

Welcome to 2018.  Your Board of Directors is working to make programming and participation even better. Today we have over 350 dues paying members in the Nutmeg chapter and together we can take care of our rivers, learn and have fun.

Each of us belongs to TU for different reasons. As a chapter we try to offer diverse programs and activities to meet everyone’s interests.  Like most, my active involvement in TU started slowly.  My only regret is that I did not get more active in TU sooner.

What does Trout Unlimited mean to you?

As a board we wonder what motivates members to join and stay connected: events, meetings, outings, conservation ….   So we ask:

  • What speakers do you want to see at our meetings?
  • Do you want to learn about fishing local waters or destination fishing?
  • What will make your Nutmeg TU Chapter better?
    • Opportunities to fish with friends
    • Meeting fishing buddies
    • Learning new skills and fishing spots
    • Improving stream quality, or
    • Just being part of a national organization that advocates clean fresh water fisheries

More opportunities to volunteer in 2018.

  • I would like to see our conservation efforts expand to include micro invertebrate monitoring
  • We should do more with youth and engage our veterans
  • We will continue to improve the Mill River habitat – watch for updates as we will soon use the Embrace a Stream funds to deepen the Mill River’s Congress Street section by channeling the river with recycled Christmas trees
  • Join the board, lead a fishing outing, participate in a river cleanup, do water sampling, work with TIC …

If you are a Nutmeg TU member and simply want to support a national advocacy group for clean water, we thank you for your participation, numbers are important. However, on the local level, none of the annual membership fees go to the local chapter.  It all stays with TU national. Our funding comes from grants, donations and the raffles we run at the meetings. It costs money and takes volunteers to run our meetings, support the 15 Trout in The Classroom (TIC) local schools and do our conservation work. Your financial support is appreciated, and every dollar goes a long way because the Nutmeg chapter of TU is a 100% volunteer organization.

As we begin the new year I want to take this time to thank my fellow Board Members John Kovach, Dave Edgeworth, Jerry Goldstein, David Ader, Ed Grzeda, Cheryl Groesbeck, Phil Jacques, Chuck Petruccelli and Gian Morresi, for their wisdom at our monthly board meetings; volunteering to lead fishing trips, river cleanups/conservation work, sharing the load; and for the pleasure of fishing together in and around our lovely part of Connecticut.

On behalf of the Board of Directors I want to thank you for your continued support.  Our goal is to have fun while doing good in our community.  We hope you find the chapter welcoming and choose to participate in this valuable organization.

Happy New Year to all and I look forward to seeing you in 2018.

Rich Rosen

President TU Nutmeg Chapter

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