Many of you have a favorite river and all of us are conservation minded, or we wouldn’t belong to TU. The Board of the Nutmeg chapter of TU is looking to pilot a program we are calling “River Stewards” and we are seeking volunteers to lead and help. How far we take the program will depend on member interest and participation.

The range of activities can be as simple as walking the river and reporting issues in the TU RIVERS app (to be discussed soon). From there the River Stewards could do stream cleanups, macro-invertebrate and temperature logging to measure the health of the river, or even go as far as remediation of problems identified. It’s all up to the volunteers to as to how much we do.
There are no obligations except to get involved and help us preserve and protect our local rivers and fisheries as you are able to.
These River Stewards will work with the chapter’s Conservation Chair and be provided with support and training such as (but not limited to) invasive species identification and removal, water temperature monitoring and more. 
If you want to find out more please contact Gian Morresi at and he will contact you to discuss next steps.

Thanks Nutmegers

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