Trout in the Classroom Programs Liberate Their Fish


Statewide schools participating in Trout Unlimited’s Trout in the Classroom program are releasing the trout they have raised in their classroom since the eggs hatched.  The Brown Trout (eggs provided by the Kensington State Fish Hatchery) are being released to local rivers and streams. Students have spent many hours caring for and learning about the needs of Brown Trout.  Good luck to all of the fry raised and released by these students.  Contact CT Trout Unlimited for more information about the Trout in the Classroom program. Ed Albrecht is our state wide coordinator.  And Dave Edgeworth is our Nutmeg TIC coordinator.

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    1. I’m on the Newtown Conservation Commission and would like to know if Newtown High School (and Middle School too) could get involved in Trout Unlimited. I understand that the Pootatuck River (Newtown) is a river of particular interest. The High School is a short walk from this river.

      Thank you

      • Nutmeg Trout
        June 18th

        Tom, i am forwarding your inquiry to our TIC co-ordinator, Dave Edgeworth at
        i hope you will hear back from him!
        Cheryl Groesbeck, newsletter co-ordinator.

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